About me


Hi, I’m Anna and I’m newly registered as a¬†childminder in Frome, Somerset. That’s me with my two kids, Daisy (11) and Gabriel (2) enjoying a day out at Longleat!

I’m planning to offer childminding¬†for children in years 1-4 before and after school only, and will be able to drop off and pick up from Hayesdown School on Wyville Road (I live just around the corner). I can also offer places for older siblings at Selwood School, provided they can walk here themselves.

Although I’m only recently re-registered as a childminder, I do have several years childminding experience when my daughter was young, as well as having worked as a teacher in Post 16 education. I believe in letting children’s imaginations roam and aim to provide a setting where they can play to their hearts’ content. Daisy and Gabriel are also really looking forward to having some new playmates!

If you’d like to get in contact about a place, please do so, using the phone, email, or contact form below.

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